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Bottoms Up! (what are you drinking?)

I drink plenty of water (and I do mean plenty – an average of at least 15 cups/day or 120 oz) – I actually like water so having water be my healthy beverage of choice isn’t hard for me, and to make it even easier, my water bottle is always sitting next to me. But, I get it – not everybody “likes” water – some people need to have some big flavor in their drink. I live with somebody who really doesn’t like water – thinks it doesn’t taste like anything, so why bother to drink it? I think water does have a taste, but maybe that’s just me? So anyway, motivating that person and many others to stay hydrated can be a challenge. Can anybody relate?

So since now there are an infinite number of readily available or bottled drinks out there (how lost and confused can you get in the bottled drinks aisle?); how do you choose what to drink? Well I have a little checklist of ingredients that I like to examine in order to determine if a beverage is worthy of my consumption:

*sweetener – artificial or natural? and what is the quantity per serving?

*calorie content

*amount of caffeine

*preservatives or artificial flavorings or colors


*vitamins and minerals added

*organic ingredients?


These are some of the things I have figured out that support people in drinking more healthy fluids and staying hydrated:

*be sure to drink good quality filtered water – if it tastes fresh and clean you are more likely to drink it

*adding ‘flavor’ to plain, filtered water – slices of lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, whatever you like

*find healthy ‘waters’ at the store that have added flavor and vitamins without added sugar

*herbal tea – the flavors are endless, there is something for every palate, and with herb tea you also get a variety of health benefits (check this out – I started drinking iced Hibiscus tea; its properties are that it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol , so now I have a delicious beverage that is both hydrating and health-enhancing! It's pretty tart so I add a little natural sweetener and I'm excited to drink it)

*green or black tea – if you pay attention to the caffeine content, these are good choices, being full of antioxidants and frequently vitamins and minerals


Some things that didn’t work out in supporting people to drink healthier beverages: 

*having nothing available but water didn’t work, for those ‘water haters’ there was no motivation to drink it

*trying to get people that drink unhealthy beverages (sodas, high sugar or energy drinks) to go ‘cold turkey’ and try to switch out all their former beverages into brand-new choices, all at once

*setting up unrealistic standards to make the ‘perfect’ choices about everything you drink, including thinking that if you meet friends out for drinks at happy hour, that you will just have the green tea or plain juice (probably not gonna happen, I’m just sayin’)

*trying to get people to drink something they really don’t care for, because it's ‘good for them’ (for example, except for Oolong, I don’t like green tea, so there is no amount of benefit or ‘it's good for me’ that is going to make me willing to drink it)

So regarding the beverages that you drink regularly, are they adding to your overall health or really just contributing to your demise? What small changes can you make in your overall daily beverage consumption that will assist your body in being healthier? And if you have any other great healthy drink ideas, let me know!

Tortellini Salad

Made Tortellini Salad today - I don't know why I don't make it every week. It's lunch! It's dinner! It's breakfast! (well, maybe not breakfast) Anyway, pasta with cheese inside should be its own food group :)


So, just start with your favorite fresh tortellini (and no I don't make it from scratch, I am, after all a hard-working girl). I like the Buitoni; it's available at most of my stores. Cook till tender but not falling apart (it's a bummer when all the cheese falls out!). Put it in a big bowl with plenty of room for mixing. First I add extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You know the proportions - lots of olive oil and a couple dashes of the vinegar. You can also use Champagne vinegar if that is your flavor preference. Then start adding fresh herbs - Basil was the herb of the day - chiffonade then chop just a little more. After that, add whatever veggies or other fun you are in the mood for. This particular batch featured: sliced carrots, cherry tomatoes - halved, uncured green olives (they aren't brined like regular green olives so they aren't as salty and briny - if you haven't had them you're missing out), finished it with a little pesto in addition to the fresh basil and then topped it with some shredded parmesan. And of course, salt and pepper to taste.


Delicious! Never get tired of it. On day 2 or 3 you might want to refresh with a little more olive oil and balsamic, since those little tortellinis like to drink while they wait for you to eat them. I always feel like a superhero when I make something this good, especially when it's this easy!

What is Energy Healing and why would you have an Energy Healing Session?


Energy healing or balancing is therapeutic and restorative; promoting healing by enhancing the proper flow of energy and correcting disturbances in the human energy field (aura) which permeates and surrounds the body. Contained within the aura are the energetic aspects of every structure and function of the body, as well as everything that we experience, or have experienced (physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, etc.).


A vital part of the human energy field are the chakras; located where the subtle nerve channels meet and concentrate their energy, and responsible for distributing the energy that supports the functioning of the body, mind and emotions. As major centers of energy distribution, the chakras direct the energy which vitalizes the nerves and glands and ultimately all the structures of the body. If there is too much or too little energy flowing through a particular chakra, this has a negative impact on the functions associated with that chakra (read about the functions of the 7 main chakras below). 


Clearing and balancing the chakras helps to bring about an optimal flow of energy through each one, and consequently throughout the entire energy field. This creates a balanced and harmonious system in the sense that energy is evenly distributed through the chakras, promoting health on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Why balance the Chakras?
The chakra system is constantly changing in response to the stresses of life and living. Suppose, for example, that you spend many hours doing mental work during the day. This may cause the chakras associated with the functioning of the mind to become over-stimulated because so much energy has been flowing through them. Your mind may become overactive and make it hard to relax or sleep at night.  Balancing the chakras involved would help the energy to stop vibrating excessively through the overactive chakras and redistribute it to the other chakras in order to create more equilibrium.  More energy directed to the root chakra, for example, would help you to feel more grounded (stable) and bring more calm into your awareness.


In what ways can the Chakras be balanced?
There are many different methods of balancing the chakras. The most direct and effective way is done through hands-on techniques by someone with specialized training in energy healing. Other techniques include: meditation, visualization, exercise, yoga postures, or particular music, in addition to using crystals, aromas, etc. These methods open the chakras to allow the energy to move through more freely. They do this by clearing energy that may be stuck in the chakras (often referred to as "blocks”). These techniques can help to repair the structure of damaged chakras.


The Functions of the Chakras Are:

1)  Absorb, digest, process, and distribute energy to different parts of the body, including the organs and endocrine system

2)  To transmit energy between the auric levels (your own)

3)  To send energy to an outside destination (to some other person or place)

3)  Activation of other senses—for example, feeling energy with the hands (hand chakras), or clairvoyant development (the third eye)

4)  To bring about the development of different aspects of consciousness and to provide us with information about life and our environment 




1) First Chakra, also called the Base or Root: physically energizes and strengthens the body and its health directly affects physical well being, correlates to survival issues on different levels, also safety, security and stability. This chakra can affect the adrenals, kid­neys, bladder, low back, and large intestine.

Predominant color: Red


2) Second Chakra, also called Sacral or Navel: actively involved in all forms of intimacy, relationship, emotions, passion, and, frequently for women, their creativity. This chakra can affect the reproductive system, bladder, small intestine, and the hips.

Predominant color: Orange


3) Third Chakra, also called the Solar Plexus: influences issues of self-empowerment, personal will and protection. This chakra can affect the liver, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, and spleen. It is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras and is generally involved in all physical and emotional disturbances anywhere in the body. Clearing and energizing this center can strengthen the whole body.

Predominant color: Yellow


4) Fourth Chakra, the Heart: the seat of unconditional or spirit­ual love, and self-love. This chakra can affect the physical heart, lungs, and the thymus (which influences the immune system).

Pre­dominant colors: Green and Rose


5) Fifth Chakra, the Throat: controls communication, creativity, and often the will. This chakra can affect the thyroid, parathy­roid, and the throat.

Predominant colors: Aqua or Sky Blue


6) Sixth Chakra, also called the Third eye or Ajna: responsible for development of intuition and clairvoyance. This chakra can affect the eyes, nose, brain, pituitary, and the pineal gland.

Predom­inant color: Indigo


7) Seventh Chakra, the Crown: your connection to Spirit and Uni­versal Energy, and one of the centers used for telepathic healing. This chakra can affect the brain and the pineal gland. Energizing this center will cause energy to flow to other parts of the body.

Pre­dominant colors: White or Violet


By Tana Elliott



The Oxford American dictionary I consulted (who can you trust if not your dictionary?) had these two interesting things to say about balance:

*off balance – in danger of falling

*on balance – taking everything into consideration

I don’t know about you but when I ponder the extreme difference in these 2 definitions I have a powerful reaction. And then if I imagine a visual image to go with each one, it looks like this; I could either be at risk of falling (ouch) or I could be calmly making choices based on the deliberate reflection of what’s in the best interest of my health and all the parts of my life (yea!).



Okay, so how do you know if your life is off balance or on balance, or somewhere in between?

Well, if you have to think about it for long (this means you), then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there an important area of my life (fitness, relationship, fun…?) that you keep promising yourself will get more of your time and energy really soon?
  • Does your personal life get as much of your dedication and quality of energy as your job/career?
  • Do you spend more time emailing or talking on your cell phone than you do talking to people who are right in front of you who would like to have a conversation?


If the answers to these questions are giving you a clue that maybe your life is a little off balance, then here are a few recommendations:

1)   Take stock with a brief life evaluation. This is a simple way to see the gaps in each area of your life and also why your 'wheel of life ' ride might be a little bumpy.

2)   Notice how you feel as you look at each area and if there is a particular area of your life that’s really calling for your attention (actually it could be screaming at you, but you’re not listening)

3)   Pick one area that right now is the most important to you and decide to make a small change that is manageable and that you can commit to.

4)   NOW, make ONE GOAL in this area that you imagine you can accomplish, enlist support if you need it, and put that goal into your schedule (TODAY).


Remember, this is just one step towards a more balanced existence – you aren’t attempting to accomplish a total life makeover in one day. Start small, but get started!


By Tana Elliott                                                                        


Why Have a Life Coach?

What is Life Coaching ?


Are you ready for your life to be different but don’t know how or where to start? That’s where engaging a Life Coach could be the perfect choice for you. Together you and your life coach will examine the places in your life or your body that are not how you want them to be, then design a custom treatment plan to return your life to balance, with ongoing strategies to help you live life less stressfully and more successfully. As your life coach, I will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be, and facilitate your journey there.


Why Have a Life Coach ?


If you are frustrated with an aspect of your life, not sure how to stop making the same choices you’ve been making or just want to have more happiness, peace of mind and passion – life coaching can help you make those changes. With the support and guidance of your coach you can create the momentum you need to take the life-improving actions needed to take control of your future and achieve your goals. 

“I think everyone deserves to have the life they want and I’m here to help them achieve it!”


What Can I Expect at My First Appointment ?


For your first appointment, which is 1 ½ - 2 hours, I’ll conduct a comprehensive intake evaluation where I learn exactly where you are in your life and we discuss what you would like to be different. At that time I’ll decide which healing techniques and exercises are right for your unique situation, and then formulate a plan you can follow to implement the changes that will help you achieve the life you desire.  What is required of you is to be able to talk honestly with me about what you really want so we can make the most appropriate action plan for you.

After your first appointment, follow-up sessions are usually conducted in person but can also be by phone or Skype, whichever is more convenient for you.     


What Do My Clients Experience ?


~ enhanced physical & emotional well-being

~ freedom to make new choices

~ support for achieving goals                                                

~ greater clarity and inner peace

~ easier transitions to new circumstances

You will leave your session feeling more in charge of your life, physically renewed, and with the clarity and empowerment to make new choices that are in alignment with the life you desire.


What My Clients Can Expect From Me


I will motivate, offer support when you need a boost in confidence and help you decide which direction to take. I will share my knowledge of healing tools and techniques that will help you make your changes and move forward in life. I will engage you in powerful, insightful conversations that naturally provide inspiration, wisdom and energy and help you discover more about yourself.

If you are my client, I will be available not only for your scheduled appointments but also during those times when you might need extra support getting through something difficult (by phone and email).


What I Expect From My Clients


Commitment to keeping both your regularly scheduled appointments and the exercises or ‘homework’ that you are asked to do in between. This is a collaboration process, so keeping the agreements that we make is of the utmost importance to your progress. I will expect you to share and engage with me honestly and fully during our sessions. The relationship between you and I is co-creative, meaning that we are a team, and both play an active role in your success. Together we create more power for you to effect meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals!


Tana Elliott, WholeBody Therapist and Life Coach

figuring it out

trying to figure out how to edit the blog......sort of reminds me of trying to understand how to make changes in real life - you've got to first decide what change you want to make, then find the "button" that allows for that particular change, then choose exactly what you want the end result (look) to be, and then select the best option for creating that in order to achieve what you want. Yep - life is all about continually editing, in order to get it to be the way you want it :)



It's Official! I'm starting a BlOG

This reminds me a little of when I started my wine tasting group  several years ago. I wanted to make some friends and have some fun and someone had told me about Meetup - where you can start a group with essentially any kind of theme and then people of similar interests find you online and join your group. Voila! Instant friends and the potential for good times! So I signed up with Meetup, started my group, and literally within moments members were joining the group. Ahhhhhhhh! (I said, in addition to a few other things...) Okay, NOW I have to figure out what kinds of things we're going to do!

And that's sort of what I'm faced with now - so I welcome ideas about what you'd like to hear about, talk about, read about, whatever. Let's have some fun here while we're exploring and having life adventures, or in some instances, life mis-adventures.

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